F-A3 Zune Lotoo Tactical Shovel: The Ultimate Survival Tool 

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The F-A3 Zune Lotoo tactical shovel is the ideal shovel for those who love adventuring and ensuring that they can handle any situation that they come across. It has a variety of tools smartly placed in a shovel shape. Its material beats the quality of any traditional tool and is sturdy, but it isn’t heavy. Infact, it is a lightweight, easy to carry, and convenient to use multi-purpose tool you will ever find in the market.

What’s it Like to Use?

At first glance, you’ll notice that the F-A3 Zune Lotoo is built different from your standard shovel in the garage. Out of the box, the first thing that you’ll notice is how compact the shovel is. This is due to the fact that it comes with two extension handles to help keep the shovel compact wherever you may carry it.

The shovel head is incredibly versatile as there are several angles carved into it for multiple use purposes. As a shovel, it’s incredibly efficient at digging deep into the soil as the pointed head cuts through the dirt with ease.

Another positive with the F-A3 Zune Lotoo head is that it can be sharpened down to help split wood. This makes for an excellent replacement for an old hatchet as the shovel head can help make plenty of kindling in seconds.

This is the kind of product you can count on. It is a reliable tool to carry with you when you are out in the woods, and it won’t betray you at the last moment. It can help you perform many essential tasks of cutting, digging, hammering, chopping, sawing, lighting the fire and whistling to call for help, including many others!

Build Quality and Design

The Zune Lotoo tactical shovel is a smartly designed product. It comes in a tarnish grey colour that makes it appear aesthetically pleasing. It is made using aviation-grade martensitic steel and aluminium, making it a strong, durable and reliable product. The handle is covered with strong rubber to give your hands a good grip and comfort.

When we call it a multipurpose survival kit, we mean it. This camping shovel has a wide range of tools, from a camping knife, fish spear, survival whistle, fire ignitor, wire, camera stand, glass breaker and bottle opener to a shovel – all packed in a small bag pack.

All tools are strategically contained in a single body. When all parts are assembled, the tool takes up the shape of a shovel. The head of the shovel is attached to the handle with the help of a movable nut and screw, allowing it to bend up to 135 degrees, making it fit to perform versatile functions.

Final Thoughts

All in all, the F-A3 Zune Lotoo survival shovel is a solid shovel to add to your kit. Whether you need something to fit into a bug out bag or that will fit inside your recovery box on your overland rig, you will find that this product not only easily fits in tight spaces, but also offers tons of great tools to help you face just about any challenge you come across.

Zune Lotoo F-A3 Shovel

Zune Lotoo Survival Shovel

Zune Lotoo Annihilate F-A3 Tactical Shovel

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