LED Flashlight Gloves: The Best Gloves for Dark Environments 

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Who else is sick and tired of holding their flashlight under their chin or in their mouth when working with both hands in the dark? Not only is it straining but also looks awkward. While you can get away with using a headlamp, it still doesn’t do a perfect job of illuminating what your fingers are working on exactly especially in tight and tricky spaces.

Thanks to technology and human ingenuity, flashlight gloves were born. Those who need to get work done under the car, inside a tunnel, during a power outage, or what have you, can now work safely and efficiently. And while they come in many brand names, the concept remains the same — gloves you can wear as normal but with an integrated LED flashlight at the end of the index and thumb finger sleeves.

So, let’s take a closer look.

What’s it Like to Use?

Wearing flashlight gloves is like having eyes at your fingertips. With these on, you’re able to see wherever your fingers are and whatever they’re working on precisely. And because each glove has an individual pair of light sources, you can illuminate two separate objects simultaneously — useful when you’re multitasking.

When it comes to comfort, these flashlight gloves are one-size-fits-most. If you’ve got large hands, no problem. With the added Spandex material and adjustable Velcro wrist bands, they can be stretched and worn to your preference. This feature also makes it a great gift for anybody including kids, adults (both men and women), or even that hard worker with thick callous hands.

Now, operating the lights can’t get any easier. Just press the on/off button strategically placed at the back of the hand for convenience to activate/deactivate both index and thumb lights at the same time. Yes, that simple.

Build Quality and Design

Flashlight gloves are made of water-resistant (can withstand rain and splashes but are not submersible) polyester with Spandex. This makes it not only durable but also usable in any weather conditions. Plus, because of the flexible material, they don’t impede your hands’ and fingers’ range of motion.

The LED lights are powered by replaceable CR2016 button batteries and can last you up to 30 hours. These batteries come installed and you’re getting a screwdriver inclusion out of the box for easy tinkering.

Final Thoughts

Although a few people complain about it being not so bright, the intended purpose is not really to blind an attacker or light up an entire alley. Instead, they’re for close-up and delicate work. So, for those who wanna save their necks and mouths from pain and work safely and efficiently in the dark, flashlight gloves are lifesavers!

LED Flashlight Gloves

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