Atech Multitool Pen: Everything on One Pen 

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There’s an ordinary pen, and then there’s Atech Multitool Pen. This instrument boasts not just a smooth ballpoint action pen but also other practical tools – a stylus, bottle opener, flat-head and Phillips screwdriver, metric/inch ruler, and phone stand.

As you can see, it’s not just a pen for your paperwork but also a multitool that can handle various tasks like small-scale measurements. On top of that, it offers convenience thanks to its phone stand so you can watch videos hands-free on the go and crack a cold one effortlessly. The best part? All of these great features in a stylish, compact, and TSA-compliant design.

What’s it Like to Use?

The Atech Multitool Pen can make you feel like a handyman anywhere anytime. It comes in at 5.57 x 0.875 inches (14.15 x 2.23 cm) so any hand size including large ones can hold it comfortably. And since it weighs next to nothing at just 1oz (30g), you won’t even notice it’s there until you need it.

Accessing the inside tools is no rocket science either. Just twist to unscrew the barrel and you can access the stylus. And by taking apart the stylus reveals the replaceable pen and reversible screwdriver. Clever engineering yet simple operation, for sure.

Build Quality and Design

The design philosophy is simple – direct, useful, and enriching. The body is made of durable aluminum and copper. So, with it being metal and not plastic, you can be confident it won’t break on you. As for the aesthetics, the all-black design and smooth finish just look cool and badass on any occasion – perfect for men’s EDC.

Final Thoughts

If you’re bored of ordinary pens and want something different that can do more than just write, then the Atech Multitool Pen (7-in-1 Pen) is worth checking out. The only minor con though is that it doesn’t come with extra pens right off the box. You’ll have to purchase refills. That’s something Atech can improve on because the ink chamber is quite short and will only last you a month or two if you write a lot.

Nonetheless, it’s pretty good given its functionality and versatility. Not to mention its lightweight yet durable construction will make it last a lifetime as long as you take care of it. Are you looking for a pen with the power of essential tools right at your fingertips anywhere you go? The Atech Multitool Pen is just the thing!

Multitool Pen 7-in-1 Phone Stand

ATECH Multifunction Pen

ATECH 7-in-1 Pen

Images courtesy of Atech

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