Tactical Crocs: The Most Ridiculous Shoes for Outdoor Activities 

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Love them or hate them, Crocs has been creating one of the world’s most peculiar and unique footwear blending every design you can think of under the sun. From their simple classics like the clog style and work slip-on to their offbeat even head-scratching collaboration designs like the Pleasures x Crocs with a glowing skeleton foot on top and the Beams x Crocs which is a military-inspired all-terrain clog. And since we’re after (supposedly) “badass” products, let’s talk about those tactical Crocs with Beams.

The Beams x Crocs All-terrain Clog, as it is officially named, is Crocs’ collaboration with the prominent Japanese contemporary fashion chain and label. The idea was to take the utilitarian streetwear of Beams and combine it with Crocs’ comfort for the outdoors to create practical military-inspired footwear.

So, how good (or bad) is it? Let’s see.

What’s it Like to Use?

If there’s anything folks from both sides of the spectrum agree on, it is that Crocs footwears are incredibly comfortable, and the tactical Crocs are no different. Just like the classic clog style, they are very cushy and comfy. Plus, they are easy to slip on thanks to their open design with an adjustable Velcro heel strap to keep your foot from sliding out, especially on a wet upward terrain.

Tactical Crocs still feature their proprietary Croslite material, a closed-cell resin that’s excellent at absorbing impact and shapes itself according to the wearer’s feet. Thus, less breaking in and more stability.

What’s more? They’ve got slip-resistant outsoles so you can traverse the off-beaten path with excellent traction. When it comes to aesthetics, it is subjective. Some may find it ugly like a clown’s shoes while some may see it as a cool outdoorsy and military-esque type — no judgment.

Build Quality and Design

Tactical Crocs are available in tan brown, grey, olive green, and black. You’ve got two designs to choose from: Outdoor and Military pairs. For the outdoor pairs, the storage pouch is sewn into the vamp alongside a fabric covering, netting, and a carabiner-encompassing strap.

On the other hand, the military pairs have MOLLE webbings on the vamp with a detachable storage pouch (attached either on the MOLLE or heel strap). The Croslite material guarantees remarkable durability and longevity. Such material also makes them weigh next to nothing with the vamp fabric and pouch barely adding any.

Now, as cool as the tactical rendition might be, it’s got some design flaws. One, the MOLLE and pouch can get snagged (imagine the disaster while sprinting away from a grizzly… or zombie). Two, you’ll be tempted to fill it with tiny gears and other doodads which defeats the inherent lightness of the footwear.

Final Thoughts

The idea of conjuring tactical Crocs is laudable. However, a MOLLE and pouch galore footwear that could lead to it being unnecessarily heavy and an accident magnet is rather laughable.

If you’re a diehard Crocs fan or wanna have gears attached from head to toe, sure. Otherwise, your clothes have pockets and your bag has MOLLE (or straps at least for extra pouches) should be more than enough for your essentials, right? Crocs overanalyzed and went a bit overboard on this one — simplicity is beauty!


Military Style Crocs

Tactical Military Crocs

Tactical Crocs with Storage Pocket

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